Core Values


Strengths Based Working

Traditional problem-solving focuses on what’s wrong, but as Einstein said, "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." At Co:Create we put your energy into understanding, nurturing and growing the opportunities and strengths your teams and partners have to offer. Once we do that, the solutions find themselves.


It’s in our name for a reason. We believe that everyone has something great to offer if the right circumstances are created for them to shine. We use innovative, creative techniques (and some more conventional ones!) to create a level playing field where everybody’s ideas matter and your people are part of your success.

The Whole Story

We believe that every problem is unique. We start every new project with a blank slate and a lot of curiosity, and we help you to do the same. Our experience has shown us that what is happening in reality is often very different from what gets recorded or reported. We use a range of research methods to get to the bottom of what your people think, see, feel and do and find out what’s important to them, so you can start moving forwards together.