Angga Kara


Angga Kara

My work is always client led. Using my top strength of creativity, I help clients achieve their specific goals set as each project is different.

Angga Kara is an Executive Peak Performance Coach, TEDx speaker & Men’s Wellbeing specialist.

He helps leaders navigate through periods of high stress and uncertainty, rediscover lost zest for life and holistically develop inner fire (resilience) and mental wellbeing.

He combines evidence-based methodologies with ancient philosophical wisdom to help unlock peak performance. He is accredited by EMCC.

His clients range from C-level executives and leaders, EU Parliament politicians, successful business owners, athletes to celebrities.

Due to three of his male friends taking their own lives in 2017, Angga has set up and led MEN UP NORTH, a men’s suicide prevention charity and helping raise the level of self-awareness for modern men utilising ‘Safe Space Conversations’ methodology that was developed due to the need to create psychologically safe space for diverse men.

He’s personally led over 1200 conversations with men from the ages of 18-72 and engaged over 5000 people in conversations of masculinity, mental health and diversity in global organisations.

He is a Partner in LEADing Practice, the #1 provider of Enterprise & Industry Standards utilised by 21% of Fortune 500 companies. He also sits on the SY:NC board, a city wide coalition of NGOs in Sheffield helping to reduce child exploitation into crime in the region.

Angga is particularly interested in bringing together diverse groups, the curation and the facilitation of psychologically safe space so each human being can express their perspective authentically.

“I bring my experience of facilitating and navigating difficult conversations to help organisations gather authentic perspectives which then inform a better way of working for all moving forward.

The things that really matter to me in my work are:

  • psychologically safe spaces
  • authenticity
  • diversity, inclusion and intersectionality
  • presence or being in the moment
  • trust that each person in the room is valuable and has perspectives that would be useful in the process of co-creation.”