Chris Hewitt

Head of Co-create

Chris Hewitt

I’ve been running Co-create as an enterprise since 2019. I previously spent over ten years working in local authorities across social care, public health, housing, commissioning and community funding.

I also spent two years as a care worker. I’ve got a Sociology degree and a post-graduate qualification in Developmental Psychology.

My interest in co-production comes from the frustrations I felt working for a local authority. I saw countless situations where decisions were made without even listening properly to colleagues, let alone the people who might really be affected by a change. Using the co-production mindset in your work changes all that.

In Co-create we’re focused on making a tangible difference and trying to make big concepts like co-production feel a bit more within reach of people in their everyday work. I think the biggest difference we can make for people is by providing the space and circumstances to find their own way, not throwing solutions at them.

For me the most important part of my job is making space for the great people I get to work with to do their best work. It can feel like a hard balance to strike between having a consistent feel to Co-create projects and everything being co-designed with the team, but I’m here for that challenge!


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