Maddy Tobin

Co-ordinator (Finance)

Maddy Tobin

Having recently finished my academic studies in Psychology (Bsc) and Human Rights (MA), most of my work and volunteering has revolved around helping people achieve their potential.

Prior to joining Co-create, I worked on service evaluation and improvement, and have facilitated workshops and team building.

For me, the most attractive aspect of co-production is the use of a people-centred approach from the start to end of a project. Listening to people’s experiences and caring about engagement generates rich outcomes that are effective and rewarding for all.

My role within Co-create is to make the finance side of the business run as smoothly as possible for clients and provide a seamless experience for anyone who gets in touch with us.

Although I work with numbers, people are the most important part of my role. Optimising processes to accommodate our associates and our clients is therefore my priority and something I take pride in.