Mark Smith


Mark Smith

I have extensive experience working within the voluntary sector in service delivery as well as in leadership and management roles primarily supporting vulnerable children, young people and adults.

I have a degree in Psychology with Counselling, I’m a qualified trainer and I’m currently completing my executive coaching and mentoring qualification.

I really enjoy helping to facilitate a space whereby people come together to consider what could be possible when you can remove barriers and restraints to their thinking and the ‘magic’ and wisdom that can bring!

I have worked as an associate with Co-create since 2019 and have enjoyed the variety of projects I’ve worked on. I particularly like designing and facilitating workshops and training that help upskill others to be able to create their own engaging sessions.

Having job satisfaction and feeling I have made a real difference and impact is always important in all the work I do. I also have strong values around integrity and empowering others to help them have the time and space to do their best thinking.