Nisa Chisipochinyi


Trained in Creative Expressive Therapy with a major in Art and Psychodynamic Counselling, the work I have done and continue to do is a fine balance of head and heart work.

I have an unshakable passion for using the arts as forms of expression and a way to communicate in the absence of words.

It’s the curiosity aspect of co-production that interests me. Twin experts approaching a topic with no real inclination of exactly what we will find. It’s exciting with sprinkles of absolute nerves.

I’ve facilitated groups where key decisions to help drive change were made, I help to create an environment which produces psychological safety. This is informed by my training but also my unassuming outlook on people and life.

Meeting with people where they are at and taking it from there. It matters to me that people live authentically without compromising respect and compassion for others. My work matters the most to me when it’s evident that it isn’t ‘my work’ but that it is ‘our work’.