Sunny Dhadley


Sunny Dhadley

My background is in developing innovative peer-led programmes and initiatives that improve people’s lives. I have a particular focus on effective evaluation and measuring social value and impact.

I am an advisor for a number of high profile boards, and an alumnus of Windsor Leadership Trust and Blavatnik School of Government (University of Oxford).

I am interested in all forms of co-production, as my previous experience in creating lived experience initiatives covers a wide range of methods. I am particularly keen to work with organisations who perhaps have little experience in enjoying the benefits of meaningful co-production, so that those benefits can be realised.

I enjoy working with people who are passionate about positive change and improving outcomes for communities. I have ensured that consultation with stakeholders has been inclusive and meaningful, to developing evaluation methods that demonstrate big picture results. Each project is unique, and I help by providing a bespoke service to achieve amazing results.

I truly value the human experience of those who are delivering work, as well as those who benefit from receiving a service. I value authenticity and believe that when we connect in a way that is genuine and meaningful, this sets the precedent for really amazing things to happen.