What is your background?

All of my career has been people, project, and often transport focused. I’ve been lucky enough to work for and volunteer on some great community projects with a variety of organizations and people. Ranging from running community events with art installations and homemade tricycles, to spending a day on the tram with students dressed as warlocks, and all the usual steps in between.

What inspires you?

Passionate and dedicated people who love what they do. Anyone who owns their ‘thing’, whatever it might be, and is not afraid to throw themselves into a hobby or a cause. This could be a dedicated volunteer, a master whittler, or someone who has learned everything there is to know about disco music. It’s so energising and inspiring to be around people who properly sling their hat into the ring (and then tell you all about the unique craft that went in to making it). I think this is why I enjoy working with volunteers and our team so much!

What is your perfect weekend?

Coffee, Mountain Biking, friends, loved ones, a new sight or place, Burritos, list writing practice, music.

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

The ethos of our work. Listening to people and supporting them to share their story or have their say is an enriching process to be involved in. Also, you get to work on loads of lovely people focused attributes and skills that don’t always get the kudos they deserve.

What’s your favourite movie?

I often struggle to sit through a whole movie, so I can’t say anything springs to mind! I’d probably put myself down as more a of a TV fan. Anything that’s a bit ridiculous, funny, and lasts no longer than 22 minutes.