What is your background?

I’ve worked and volunteered in the voluntary sector for most of my working life – mostly in organisations which work with disabled people.  I feel totally committed to a world that is accessible to all the talent that’s in it!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people, places, books, films and cake.

What is your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend is spent with the people I love, food cooked with love, preferably in the sunshine with a dog walk factored in somewhere.

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

I think it’s working with a really creative and diverse team of people who are incredibly positive about what they do, very competent at doing it, and feeling that positive change can be made in simple ways through everyone’s voice being heard. Also the biscuits.

What’s your favourite movie?

Oh dear – there are so many!  Maybe it’s Thelma & Louise.