What is your background?

I usually start with telling people I come from a background in science research. But at this stage I feel like I’ve finally completed the career switch and I’m pretty well integrated in the charity sector.  I’ve volunteered in various capacities across charities in Sheffield. Now at SYHA, I work as a Data Assistant for Building Better Opportunities which neatly ties my interests in supporting the community with my skills from research.

What inspires you?

Outcomes. Whether it’s the impact of a large project, a small change to someone’s life or a result from a day’s work at the office. Working towards the best possible outcome is inspiring.

 What is your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend would have a late start, a nice brunch, walk in the countryside, an afternoon with friends & family maybe a few board games!

 What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

That everyone’s voice matters. I started volunteering with the programme when I was relatively new to the sector &  the country. The team have always made me feel welcome and valued. This I believe is a true reflection of their ethos – everyone at Co:Create respects individual opinions and provides a platform for sharing them.

 What’s your favourite movie?

I don’t think I have one. I like many, but very rarely do I feel like watching one again. Knowing what’s going to happen takes away all the fun.