Living well at home

Housing Associations can do more than provide a home; we are passionate about seeing the transformation of health and social care services to meet the needs of people and to keep them healthy at home for longer.

At South Yorkshire Housing Association we aim to help people to settle at home, live well and realise their potential. Although housing provision is naturally a huge part of our work we have, over several years, built up a portfolio of services to enable people to ‘live well’. These services include anything from support for people with severe mental health problems or learning disabilities to delivering a local social prescribing service, where GPs and other healthcare professionals have the option to prescribe non-medical support to patients. Many of these services enable people to stay healthy at home for longer and through programmes like our Ageing Better services we directly tackle social isolation, one of the biggest threats to older people’s health.

All our work is underpinned by the core value of coproduction; co-designing and co-delivering our services with those who are in receipt of them. SYHA has been awarded funding from the Department of Health to deliver an innovative service, directly to health and social care commissioners, to build capacity in the commissioning process. Co:Create offers headspace for commissioners to think differently and innovatively about problems and design new solutions to time old challenges.

It is really exciting to be working in collaboration with commissioners and to start to see how involving customers and tackling problems using different and innovative tools can begin to crack some of those nuts we’ve been fighting with for years. Co:Create is still at the beginning of its journey but we will be sharing our successes and lessons learnt with you in the months to come as we build a methodology that ultimately connects human stories to strategy.

Morwenna Foden – Co:Create Programme Lead

Emma Ward