Programme Co-ordinator

What is your background?

I started on my current career path while I was still at university, working as a Faculty Officer on student engagement in the university itself and in my spare time as a Communications Officer for a local political organisation. Two years after I graduated I put my History degree to use (!??) to get a job in intermediate care! This was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life, and working directly to support vulnerable people gave me the direction I wanted to take my career. It also inspired me to start a side project helping people in fuel poverty which I run in my own time. From this role it became apparent that I was passionate about working on a broad scale level to assist people as well as front line interaction with customers. The amalgamation of these two types of work appears to have manifested itself in the form of working as a Programme Co-ordinator for Co:Create.

What inspires you?

People. I love meeting new people and forming links with people. I genuinely think that every person you meet poses the possibility to learn something new! Both in my personal life and in my professional life this has proven itself to be true time and time again. With this role putting me in touch with different people, I am excited by the prospect of learning what I can from the people I encounter within the broad spectrum of the health and social care sector.

What is your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend would probably start with touching base with some friends in the Friday evening at our local pub, the Sheaf View, in order to find out how their weeks have gone. The rest of my weekend would be spent mostly in the Peak District, weather permitting, either climbing or hiking. I find that it’s really important to provide yourself that separation from work, and that head space, so that you can go into the week feeling refreshed and re-energised. 

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

Having worked in intermediate care for the first part of my career, I have seen first-hand how decision makers are often perceived as being incredibly distant by customers. Being given the chance to close down that distance, using creative and imaginative tools, is such an exciting opportunity and a real privilege.