Programme Co-ordinator

What is your background?

I’ve had a pretty varied career - from supporting adults with learning disabilities to live independently, to working as a camera technician on films and TV – but there’s been a consistent thread of wanting to help support people in challenging situations. I spent over 5 years working for the local authority in Sheffield, mostly with social care and public health commissioners, and the problems they’re facing are some of the biggest ones out there. I like helping people take a step back and consider the big picture, to think objectively, and to listen to the right voices so they can tackle problems effectively.

What inspires you?

Making connections really makes me buzz. I love solutions to problems which use the smallest actions to get the biggest results which often comes from just linking up people or organisations who are already in action. And I really love sharing ideas and being a catalyst for positive change.

What’s your favourite movie?

Withnail and I is truly my favourite film but it there isn’t much you can glean from it in terms of inspiration for work. Slightly more helpfully, I absolutely love the Wings of Desire directed by Wim Wenders. It says a lot about the pleasures and pains of being a human and about the power of connections. Plus it has Peter Falk (a.k.a. Columbo) as himself, which is reason enough to watch it.

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

Our experimental approach and the opportunity we have to test and experiment with creative ways to collaborate is really exciting. And the chance to work as a friend to commissioners, who are in such a tight spot at the moment, feels like a real privilege.