Our plan

Co:Create are gathering participants for a lab to explore the challenge of incorporating social value in commissioning. We want to find interested parties who can contribute ideas and help us to develop, prototype and test different approaches.

Once we’ve formed a group, our first task will be to define the question we want to answer over the course of the lab.

What's in a lab?

“Social innovation labs, also called public & social innovation labs, design labs or change labs, are an approach to tackling complex societal challenges that require systems change.

Their aim is to provide a structured process for approaching messy and complex challenges and a safe and creative environment to experiment and prototype radical innovations" - http://www.sigeneration.ca/social-innovation-labs-top-tips-common-pitfalls/

What we mean

The Health Foundation’s Q Improvement Lab is a good example of how this approach can be used to bring together diverse health and social care stakeholders and tackle a big question in a comprehensive way.

Get in touch

f you think you’d like to be a part of this experiment, or just to be kept informed of what we are doing, email us at c.hewitt@syha.co.uk or tweet @wearecocreate

Co:Create are based in Sheffield but you don’t have to be to get involved in the lab. So get in touch if you’re interested and see what we can do together.