The Launch of Co-Production England

Do you think that co-production results in better services, better research and brings great innovation and creativity?

Do you get energised by being around people who are involved in using co-design, co-delivery and co-evaluation in services? We do !

We’re keen to find people who would like to co create how we can get together to explore the potential (or not) of setting up an English Co-production Network. There are vibrant Networks in Wales and Scotland and we’ll have the chance to share their learning.

If you want to be part of this event – we’d love to have you! We have a date and a venue, it’s on Thursday March 28th 10.00 am to 3.30pm and it’s at Ziferblat in Manchester.

We’re using Trello to keep people connected, involved and to co-produce the event. We also have There will also be a Zoom call every 3 weeks if you want to be more actively involved in the planning of the event.

Looking forward to working with you to create a great event and continue the momentum we’ve experienced around creating an English Co-production Network.
UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research