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What's your background?

I have enjoyed over ten years working in the health and social care sector in a number of roles, including front line delivery and policy and service development.  My career began providing outreach support to sex workers in my home town of Coventry. I learned a great deal from six years as a drugs worker working therapeutically with individuals and their families recovering from drug addiction in London. Later as a Policy Officer in the substance misuse field  I gained direct experience in seeing the opportunities and challenges at every level to service development when working with entrenched, and complex problems. As a result of these experiences I am passionate about the power of human stories and diverse communities connected by shared values and vision to create change.

What's your perfect weekend?

Walking in the beautiful woods of Sheffield, lunch in a vegetarian café, then watching a good super-hero film with friends.

What are you most proud of?

Passing my driving test on the 5th time, and building an IKEA wardrobe single-handed.

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

I loved working as a part of a team and with such diverse external partners - it really challenged me to think differently and create things that couldn’t be done alone.