Co:Create helped us to focus our ideas, develop a plan, involve the right people and to think outside the box!”

Does your service or organisation want to…

  • Get more out of engaging with your teams and your stakeholders?

  • Bring change, business growth, and innovation that maximises efficiency and matches your values?

  • Connect with customers and communities on a level playing field?

  • Branch out in new directions?

Get in touch to find out how Co:Create could help you to co-design your business or service with your team, your customers and your partners. The results will speak for themselves.

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Co:Create was set up to experiment with different approaches to collaborative working. We were funded for three years (by the Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund) during which we completed 25 projects with a wide range of organisations.

The project was based on the idea that if you create the conditions for people to work together in new ways and remove the barriers for collaboration then new, efficient solutions will emerge, problems will be solved more quickly and everyone involved will benefit.

Our 3 years of testing and learning have finished and been thoroughly evaluated, and the results are in.... Gold Standard collaboration, where everyone has an equal voice, leads to cheaper, better, more efficient and more innovative services and products.


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