What is your background?

I was delighted to be invited to  sit on the PAG advisory group. Having been a commissioning officer with Sheffield City Council for several years I know how important it is to involve people on the receiving end of services, in the design of those services.  

Over a long and serendipitous working life I have variously been; a theatre director, an arts officer, a community writer and editor, a director of several festivals, a fundraiser, provided support for small businesses and a grant aid assessor.  Apart from the last - most tedious - of jobs, I have had the good fortune to work collaboratively with groups of people in making new, and often wonderful things, happen.

What's your perfect weekend?

Now retired, I spend a great deal of time not filling my diary but enjoying the sheer bliss of living in the Peak District, learning new things and spending time with my partner and family. I do some volunteering with the PAG and am a Timebuilder with St Mary's.