What is your background?

I was always a curious “why” child and that hasn’t changed!
My first career was in marketing. This didn’t fit, and I soon realised after
a year traveling that my working life was destined to go in a different
This direction would lead me to finding my “why”; working with people
and commmunities.
I have worked in learning disability services in support, management and
change roles as well as been involved in embedding person centred
planning. I led early support planning in the pilots of self directed
support alongside people with mental health diagnoses.
In recent years my “why” has concentrated on community and peer led
approaches. I have established and supported the growth of two truly
peer led organisations, and am a founder member of a community pub
co-operative (I think community business is the future!).
I have a diagnosis of Bi Polar and I bring this experience to any work I do.
I share experience of the strength of bringing the “whole” of you to work,
and how this can be positive for everyone.
I currently faciltate a group in my own community called Penistone
Bumping Spaces and am part of The People Focused Group, along with
the community pub project and work with Co-Create this is my current

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me…and here are just some…
• I am inspired by stories; human raw stories. They can teach us so much
and help us to be brave!
• People who are happy with their lives when they seem to have so little.
They can teach us a lot about the world.
• My dog Ollie. He is a rescue and shouldn’t trust after the life he had;
but he chooses to.
• The sea inspires me…especially when its wild!

What is your perfect weekend?

My perfect weekend is been at home with my partner Martin and Ollie.
Maybe venturing out for a meal, bringing fish and chips home or cooking
some homely food. I live in a beautiful part of the world - why would I
want to go anywhere else?

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?
Has to be the collective energy of the team! Everytime I am part of the
Co:Create world I come away feeling engergised and exhausted all at
once - its a great feeling!


What’s your favourite movie?
My favourite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I watch it at least once a
month, and know it off by heart. Its been a constant in my life, when
sometimes my world has spun out of control.