Kate Walsh.jpeg


What is your background?

 After a few wrong turns, I ended up doing a BA (Hons) degree in Urban Studies, which led me to do a dissertation in social exclusion and further education, which then led me to volunteer with various charities working with young people and finally my first proper job as a Lifeskills Trainer in a Young People’s hostel.

Since then, I have always worked in homelessness and supported accommodation, with a few waitressing jobs on the side!

I currently manage a temporary accommodation project for single homeless people in Chesterfield, where I am being most challenged so far with significant closures in services for customers and increasing complex needs to support.  The bad days make me realise how committed I am to helping vulnerable people, even if I am frustrated with the system. 

 What inspires you?

 The cheesy beautiful things, I love nature and get very drawn to intricate flowers and plants, amazing skylines and views, and can get annoyingly close to tears when people are nice to each other for no reason, or help other people out when they need help themselves.  And the start of a new day or listening to (my version of!) good music can always get me on a productive or creative path.

 What is your perfect weekend?

 A run first thing Saturday morning so I can feel healthy and accomplished, followed by lots of time with family, friends, food and wine J

 What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

 The feeling of possibility!

 What’s your favourite movie?

 Brokeback Mountain, soooo beautiful and soooo sad!