Our expertise

Our collective skills and experience are rooted in co-production and other ways of working that overlap with, contribute to, or enhance it:

  • strengths-based working
  • appreciative enquiry
  • co-design
  • inclusive practice

Our practice enables you to develop a way of working where you have the time, tools and circumstances to connect meaningfully with one another. This means you can look at your own situation with honesty and openness, finding the opportunities you need to harness to do the work you really want to. As you experience truly people-centred working first hand, you can begin to explore and understand what makes it work for participants, so you can facilitate your own people-centred change.

We help you find your own way towards co-production by creating a safe and positive environment, helping you work out where to start, giving you the tools to reflect and grow together, and supporting you to explore what’s possible in your context and find the answers that work for you.

Applying a combination of professional expertise and accumulated experience, we use a broad range of skills to deliver the activities and services that make up our offer.


“We did some stakeholder mapping with Co-create, it was brilliant. I have already recommended them”

Tim Jones, CEO
Positive Transition

“Easy to work with, creative, flexible, adaptable, led by what people need and what people experience”

Olivia Butterworth, Head of Public Participation
NHS England and NHS Improvement