What is your background?

Whenever I’m asked this I want to give a short but broad answer so I’ll say ‘information’. I started my career looking after the flow of drawings and data for a London Architects followed by a stint at the Environment Agency in a similar role. I then moved into producing and designing user-centred information for public transport and active travel where I mixed my design training with my love of transit and mobility. Now, I’m here as a Programme Co-ordinator, loosely continuing the theme but in a different field, especially the user-centred aspect – I like to visualise things and am aiming to develop our ‘service design thinking’. Everything is about information, communication and relationship building.

What inspires you?

Lots of things, such as people and their acts of kindness or stories of survival, my family, the natural world and how it copes with what we throw at it, music and books. Sometimes I’m inspired by quite simple everyday things that we can take for granted like being polite.

What is your perfect weekend?

A lie in, good coffee, a nice breakfast, spending time with my family, friends and cats, preferably outdoors in good weather, fitting in a curry and a bottle of stout too and playing some sort of board game.

What is your favourite thing about Co:Create?

It’s fantastic working in such a great, supportive team and being involved in interesting and inspiring projects that are there to make things better for people.

What’s your favourite movie?

Tough question! My favourites are probably The Terminator or The Thing as these really captured my imagination when I was younger and I also really like a Spanish film called Crono Crimenes about a man who gets into a complete pickle  when he goes back in time one hour. I also like comedies and the Shaun the Sheep Movie so have a less sci-fi-terror related side too.