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Our mission and values

Our mission

To shape fairer and more effective public services by supporting organisations to work in partnership with the people they serve.


Our values

These are the ways of working that we bring to every project.

  1. We do serious work, it gets messy, we hold it lightly
    We trust the process. We’re ok with uncertainty. Our work is better when we enjoy it and help others to do the same.
  2. We care and we show it
    We do things we are passionate about. We don’t mind being vulnerable. We build trust and connectedness.
  3. We make creative stuff happen
    We remove barriers and activate different ways of thinking.
  4. We are actively inclusive
    We make things where lots of people can feel like they belong. We help people feel motivated to take part.
  5. We are aspirational and confident that things can be really different
    Strengths based, appreciative, led by generous assumptions. We reframe challenges as opportunities because we know change is possible.
  6. We pull the right levers for change to happen
    Pragmatic, realistic, boundaried and grounded. Real stuff changes, people notice. We’re experienced professionals. We show how to be formal but friendly.
  7. We are open and curious
    We are reflective and always seeking to learn and adapt. We start with what’s there, solutions come later.
  8. We’re calm in a crisis
    We are flexible and responsive. We don’t panic. We find a way through, together.
  9. We do stuff really well
    Knowledgeable, experienced and skilled. Rigorous and detail-oriented. Reliable, dependable and professional. Financially sound. We keep ourselves and our business healthy so we can stick around and be at our best.


“I would fully recommend Co-Create and we have booked them in for next year (and hopefully for many more years). Thank you very much Danny for a great session and one our students will carry with them throughout their careers”

Alexis Foster, Research Fellow
University of Sheffield