Work with us

Find out what you can expect from a project with Co‑create.

All our work is based on two assumptions:

  • If you’re making a change, it will go better if you involve the people who are going to be affected
  • You can’t know all the answers when you’re starting out

So, when you get in touch about working with us, you’ll probably have an idea about getting people more involved but we don’t expect you to know what we might be able to do for you.

Here’s what our process looks like, in practical terms:

  1. You get in touch
    Planning a piece of work, but unsure whether we can help or what’s involved? We’re happy to chat through your plans – call us on 0114 349 7589, email or fill in our contact form.
  2. We have a chat
    An initial half-hour conversation via Zoom, Teams or a simple phone call. All you need at this stage is your overall aim and a rough idea of your budget and timescale. There’s no charge, and no need to commit to anything.
  3. We share some ideas
    If we think we can help, we’ll send you some ideas of how we might work together.
  4. We refine the plan
    Working together, we discuss and agree what your requirement looks like – for example it could include strategy development, training and evaluation.
  5. We assemble your project team
    We get the right people together to meet your requirement. Your team could include, for example, a senior associate, specialist trainer and an evaluator.
  6. We get cracking
    – drawing on our skills and experience. We focus on the outcome, but check in with you regularly and take an adaptive approach based on what we discover along the way.
  7. We take stock and close the loop
    Our wrap-up at the end of the project focuses on what went well, what could have gone differently, and what should happen next.