What we do

We bring humanity into the workplace.

Employee Engagement

  • Meaningful, in-depth work with teams to understand the challenges and opportunities for growth which lie beneath the surface and management can’t unlock

  • Training for leaders and teams to work together in truly collaborative partnerships, building strong, healthy working relationships and developing a happy and motivated workplace

We use innovative co-design and strengths-based approaches to help you get the best out of your people and create change together.

Change Management

  • Engaging teams in designing and delivering change through dynamic co-design and improvement projects which deliver lasting improvements to systems and services

  • Whole project management support to help you aim for the future and stop focusing on what’s gone before

  • Growing your organisation in line with your values

Working with Co:Create will increase employee engagement, improve staff retention and find bold new solutions for your organisation.

Partnership Building

  • Working with you and your partners to create systems, processes and ways of working between teams and organisations which are equal, effective and reciprocal

  • Aspirational, strengths-focused support to build on opportunities and overcome barriers together

  • Get results that work for everyone

Get in touch to find out how Co:Create could help you to co-design your business or service with your team, your customers and your partners.