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Our services

We work with organisations and groups to help build change that involves all the people affected. We make collaborative improvement practical, achievable and affordable – creating lasting change for the better, based on what really matters to people.

We’ll build a project plan with you based on your ambitions and challenges and our knowledge and experience, including options tailored to meet the widest range of contexts and budgets.

Although every project is different, there are some common features and a loosely defined process for working with us – as well as a wide range of benefits.

Our services include:

to give you the skills and tools to integrate collaborative methods into your working processes

to help you collaborate openly and effectively

Strategy development
to help you develop strategic plans through co-design workshops and activities

Research, analysis and evaluation
to listen to people, and report back to decision-makers

“It was quite a wide-ranging consultation over four weeks, and it was well delivered, with creativity and know-how. They showed really good practical know-how to help us solve complex problems”

Andy Turner, Creative Director
If Collective