Amanda Stratford


Amanda Stratford

I have spent 30 years in the not‑for‑profit sector in a variety of local, national and international charities as Director, Trustee and Board Chair. More recently I was CEO of a not‑for‑profit in the health and social care sector championing the views and experiences of patients and communities.

I have spent many years working with boards and organisations to develop effective organisational strategy – people are my thing. I thrive on building teams, trust and bringing the best out in people. I am a qualified NLP practitioner.

I am particularly interested in capturing an accurate understanding of what really matters to people, and helping professionals understand the simple, basic but often overlooked elements of effective engagement. I work with boards to develop and shift organisational culture to appreciate the value of public involvement.

Working with Co-create, I have listened to the effects on public involvement during the pandemic and used insights to co-produce simple principles to apply to ensure effective public involvement across new ICS.

The things that really matter to me in my work are:

  • Helping professionals truly value public involvement – listening to beneficiaries, patients, clients and communities and ensuring it influences service improvement and quality
  • Building trust and a passionate belief in the difference the third sector can make
  • Modelling, and developing in others, empowering leadership