Danny Sherwood

Co-create Lead

Danny Sherwood

For the past 12 years I have been working with public services to support people's health and wellbeing through developing the way organisations involve the people they serve or support. I've held a variety of roles, but what brings them all together is a recognition of the huge value we get from bringing lived experience together with professional experience.

I began my co-production journey as an expert-by-experience, using what I’d learned from a long-term health condition to support local public sector organisations in developing their services. I’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. for over 20 years, which has given me first-hand experience of organisations that are unable to do their best work because they have not been set up alongside the people they aim to serve.

Co-production or involvement work is often split into two tracks – ‘lived experience’ and ‘professional experience’. I moved onto the professional track, working as a practitioner for a community-based NHS Recovery College, then establishing and managing a new NHS Recovery College across two forensic mental health hospitals.

I joined Co-create as an Associate in 2019 and was happy to find a place where I could bring the two tracks together and be a professional who is open about, and values, my lived experience. After two years as an Associate and two years as operations manager, I’m proud to now run the company. I love seeing all the positive changes we make supporting our clients in health, housing and community settings to develop effective ways of involving the people they serve.

I’ve got degrees in anthropology and sociology, been a singer-songwriter, volunteer, Trustee, Board Co-Chair, and even written a short book. I’m always reflecting, and bring my learning from all those things into my work. When I’m not at work I’m a cook, gardener, and forager; and a proud father of a cheeky child.


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