Jane Leathley


Jane Leathley

My 30+ years’ experience of community development started in Tenant Participation, working with tenants to establish housing development, management and maintenance systems that worked for them.

Various roles followed with youth, housing, environmental and community enterprise projects, including six years as CEO. I’ve worked freelance since 2005.

My interests are service user and community engagement. Working collaboratively to identify needs and priorities, and design solutions that work for service users and local communities. We’ve all been on the receiving end of services that don’t ‘see’ you and experienced how alienating that is.

I’ve assisted at a range of online workshops for a Health Inequalities Project, supporting those involved in delivering local services to work together. I’ve also co-delivered workshops face-to-face for the Housing Quality Network, and for NHS Public Engagement Practitioners’ Network, facilitating members to find peer to peer support and share knowledge.

I love working with people who are genuinely open minded about solutions and who put people first.