Louie Stafford


I started my career as a Qualified Youth Worker and have spent the last decade working in frontline Community Development roles with the LGBTQ+ Community. I specialise in inclusion work with marginalised groups and coproduction between marginalised groups and statutory services.

I am interested in how coproduction can be used as a tool to inspire organisations and systems to dismantle power structures and be aspirational in their approach to involve people in their work.

I have been working with Cocreate for nearly a year. I have had the pleasure of working on multiple projects that aim to support the organisations we work with to hear the voices of their service users and clients. It has been a pleasure to help curate spaces and facilitate conversations where everyone can have their voices heard and hold space for listening and compassion.

I am passionate about the power of listing. I am especially interested in how we can use listening to understand better the lived experiences of those most marginalised in our society. Hearing and understanding what others have been through and what they hold as important is key to identifying potential change and solutions. Authentic listening is the magic ingredient for effective coproduction.