Maddy Hubbard


Maddy Hubbard

I have spent the last 6 years working in advocacy, co-production and community engagement for the VCSE sector and the NHS.

I was previously Co-production Lead at the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, working towards more and better co-production across the region. I currently work for a VCSE infrastructure organisation with a focus on system change, and facilitate the GM Co-production Network.

I love the magic of bringing people together who all have different perspectives and understandings of the world, and helping them connect and collaborate to create something better than any of them could have come up with themselves.

It is important to me that we bring out the best in people, by making the work feel fun, accessible and meaningful. It can be scary to work in a way that feels uncomfortable or new, so I appreciate the moment when clients see and feel the value of how we work and start to trust the process.

Curiosity and creativity are important to me. I learn something new from every client I work with, and I love the journey of understanding the change they are trying to make in the world and to think of ways to help them get there.