Marion Oveson


Marion Oveson

My background is in community development, facilitation, and person-centred research. I have over a decade of experience working in, with, and between third-sector, university, and community organisations.

My PhD research focuses on the relationship between universities and their local communities, and seeks to understand how long-term co-produced community-university partnerships are experienced by those involved. I have Master’s Degrees in Human Geography and Social Research Methods (U of Sheffield), a PGCert in Communities, Engagement, and Enterprise (U of Brighton), and a Bachelor’s in International Studies and Romance Languages (U of Oregon, USA).

I’m particularly interested in connecting with people and finding out together how, where, when, and with whom co-production can fit with their needs. I love seeing the ‘a-ha!’ moments that people have when things start to click and they begin to see what it’s all about and get excited about the prospect and eventuality of involving more people more.

I’m interested in building community, helping organisations to work in inclusive and compassionate ways, and using creative and collaborative methods. Being passionate about social justice and driven by an ethics of care, I feel that working with organisations to enable them to bring co-production into their work allows me to contribute to positive change- this is what matters to me in my work and in my life!