Tom Readford


I have a science background and an MSc in International Development and Management. My Masters got me hooked on the logic behind Theory of Change. I have been using this kind of approach to plan, measure and articulate impact in all kinds of projects in research and the third sector for a number of years now.

I particularly like the initial stages of co-designing. I enjoy the sense of realisation when something new or previously undefined comes to light, and the acknowledgement that this wouldn’t have happened had we not been co-producing the plans.

My main focus is on planning, measuring and articulating impact for clients. I support people to think about the change they want to see, and the interdependencies of all the things that need to happen in order for that change to be realised. This approach helps to define measures of success and key milestones.

Time, assumptions and baselines are things that matter to me. Developing impact-focused plans needs time. Plans are, by design, based on assumptions. I work with clients to understand the assumptions they need to make, so they can keep an eye on them and act if needed.