Treena Davies


I'm an independent consultant and facilitator working predominantly within the field of co-production in public services. Prior to this my career was based in the third sector; working in both grassroots and large, established organisations as a facilitator and project manager.

The values of co-production are important to me and align strongly with my own personal values. I lead my work with integrity, transparency and open, honest communication. The inclusive nature of co-production and its focus on building relationships is where I am particularly interested. Working into nuance; holding space to hear and be heard; building trust and rapport – these ways of working provide the foundations to the approaches I take when working with clients.

Developing inclusive and accessible services matters to me.

Ensuring people who need services can affect and influence how those services are shaped and delivered is a strong, motivating factor. I believe that if we can make meaningful connections between people receiving services and people designing/delivering services, then the system will be a far stronger and more effective one.