We use our skills and experience in facilitation to create the right spaces for people to collaborate openly and effectively.


Events we can design and deliver for you include:

  • meetings, workshops and awaydays
  • community events
  • board meetings
  • conference breakouts
  • stakeholder and asset mapping sessions

We plan events to maximise participation from everyone involved, and make it easier for them to take part in a way that works for them.

Delivering in person or online, we draw on a range of approaches, using creative methods – images, craft, metaphor, sketching and story-telling – where we think they can make a difference. However, we often find that simple conversations are the best way to establish the context, uncover what’s really happening for people and make plans together.

Our priority is to make workshops accessible, inclusive, safe and productive. We give space to people to share what really matters to them, not just answer our questions. And afterwards we capture the results in a comprehensive and coherent way.


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